Is Seth Rollins starting to love football?

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Is Seth Rollins starting to love football?

In the last ten years, the then definable "New generation" of WWE have taken the dominance of the show and then became (at least most of them) icons for the company. Seth Rollins is undoubtedly one of these, capable of winning the world title several times and a, you can say "improvised" main event of WrestleMania, has certainly made himself a recognizable face and directly connected to World Wrestling Entertainment.

Like every character there is also the extra ring man and Rollins is in fact a person well known to most, especially for his movements and comments on social networks such as Twitter. The famous chirps of his profile often echo the well-known phrase "I hate Football" a sign of ironic contempt (or maybe not?) Towards a sport so loved by the Americans and so fascinating for us Europeans that we embrace techniques with much more ardor of Rugby.

Well, last night Seth and Becky Lynch were to witness live one of the last games of the Chicago Bears, a company capable of appearing twenty-six times in the Playoffs, of winning nineteen Division titles, two NFC titles, eight NFL championships and a Super Bowl.

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This is an important public appearance as it portrays Becky Lynch without any kind of tutor and therefore faster and faster on the road to recovery, but not only. In the tweet below the irony of the post is clearly visible with the phrase "We love Football" just to underline the well-known tweets of Seth Rollins appeared for the first time outside the WWE with his new title, more precisely that of champion of the United States.

Among the various belts won in his career, the US one was one of the first already tasted in his career, in fact in 2015 he succeeded in overcoming John Cena and giving life to his first reign interrupted only a month later at Night of Champions.

It is therefore the second reign as United States Champion for Seth Rollins who now, after the victory over Bobby Lashley, is preparing to give his best, including delivering an added value to a title that thanks to Theory first and Lashley then , is regaining altitude in that of Monday Night RAW.

Could it be the future titled target for Cody Rhodes once he returns and is therefore ready to take revenge on “The Architect”? We will find out in due course, in the meantime, even in the NFL, Rollins is there!