Kane explains why he doesn't want to go back to the ring

Kane made the history of this business thanks to his iconic gimmick

by Simone Brugnoli
Kane explains why he doesn't want to go back to the ring

Kane made the history of this business thanks to his iconic gimmick and his particular connection with The Undertaker. During his long career, he has won 19 titles (including three world titles). As if that weren't enough, he is a twelve-time duo champion and a two-time Intercontinental champion.

Jacobs is in second place for the highest number of pay-per-view appearances in the federation, as well as boasting a record number of entries in the Royal Rumble match (20). In 2021, he was inducted with full merit into the WWE Hall of Fame.

On August 2, 2018, he was elected as the new mayor of Knox County, Tennessee, and took office on September 1 of that year. Interviewed by Lara Trump for 'Right View', Kane revealed that he no longer feels the desire to return to the ring.

Kane is a true legend

“I don't want to get in the ring at my age and expose myself to bad figures. I am no longer able to take certain hits, I would risk disappointing the fans and ruining my image. At this stage in my life, I wouldn't feel comfortable in the ring.

It is a very tiring job and my body is no longer what it used to be” - confessed Kane. “I'm happy to appear occasionally, like I did during the SummerSlam weekend, but nothing more. These sporadic appearances serve me to keep the relationship with the fans alive” - he added.

The former WWE Champion also talked about The Undertaker: "Taker and I were two sides of the same coin, if you know what I mean. It's like we're two versions of the same character, so it wasn't always easy to organize matches against him.

A giant like me was better off with smaller, more agile athletes, so there was a contrast of styles. I've always loved working with Shawn Michaels, just to give an example. Those between me and the Gravedigger were battles between titans, but people tended to get bored after a while." Al Snow has opened up about his friendship with Glenn Jacobs ahead of the WWE legend’s 25-year anniversary as the Kane character.

“I couldn’t be happier for Glenn Jacobs,” Snow said. “He was a former partner of mine in Smoky Mountain Wrestling and was a great guy to spend time there with. He was a great guy to spend time with in WWE, and I was so happy for him that he found success as Kane and had such a tremendous and lengthy run as that persona.

Now he’s a mayor, which is just awesome. He’s a very, very intelligent man. I think people don’t realize just how highly intelligent he is”.