Dutch Mantell opens up on Logan Paul

Logan Paul made his WWE in-ring debut at WrestleMania 38

by Simone Brugnoli
Dutch Mantell opens up on Logan Paul

Roman Reigns has been the undisputed leader of WWE for a couple of years and no one has managed to break his hegemony. Brock Lesnar has really done his best in recent months, but was defeated by the 'Tribal Chief' at both WrestleMania 38 and SummerSlam.

The former Shield member later got rid of Drew McIntyre at Clash at the Castle, despite the crowd all siding with his opponent. The next obstacle in his path comes under the name of Logan Paul. The two will face off at Crown Jewel, the highly anticipated event that will take place on November 5 in Saudi Arabia.

Not everyone liked the WWE's choice to give the former youtuber such an important chance, as recent statements by Drew Mcintyre show. Fans and insiders are wondering if Logan actually has any chance of dethroning Reigns. In the latest edition of 'Smack Talk' on Sportskeeda, former WWE manager Dutch Mantell expressed his sincere opinion on this matter.

Dutch Mantell comments on Logan Paul

"Logan Paul has no chance of defeating Roman Reigns at Crown Jewel" - ruled Dutch Mantell. “Roman should have an easy life, barring sensational surprises. I think WWE’s goal is to show Logan Paul and Saudi Arabia is the ideal setting.

People will watch the match because they are intrigued by Logan, they don't care who wins. At the same time, WWE cannot allow such an inexperienced wrestler to beat the undisputed leader of the company. A Paul win would mean Roman had a fight with Triple H or asked for some time off," he continued.

Dutch then analyzed the new course initiated by HHH: “I was told that backstage morale has been much higher since The Game has been around. Hunter knows how to listen to employees and it is much easier to talk to him.

As for Vince McMahon, it all depended on his mood. It was difficult to get close to him and he could curse you at any moment”. Former WWE manager Dutch Mantell feels that fans would like to see Roman Reigns beat up Logan Paul in their upcoming encounter at Crown Jewel.

"Sometimes, all you have to do is put some guys together and they have that magic, and the work’s done for you. This is how fans are. Logan Paul is almost a heel. And Roman’s a babyface because they want to see Roman beat the sh** out of him. Because he’s got that smart mouth."

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