Paul London takes a shot at WWE


Paul London takes a shot at WWE

Fans of the WWE blue show didn't have to wait long to review an old acquaintance of NXT, with Max Dupri, who returned to being immediately after the split with MMM, LA Knight, who appeared last week during the blue show of the WWE.

federation. Just seven days after his split from MMM, LA Knight made his comeback with the red leather jacket that has become a trademark, with the former NXT attacking his former allies, this time even with a chair and then he returned to the general public, including his sister.

As we saw in the clip of Smackdown, after knocking out the two former Mace and Mansoor, LA Knight has confided that he is just the old character of NXT and that he is no longer called Max Dupri, with the protagonist of the blue shows who will now race in single, just like the fans wanted for him.

We just have to wait for the next few weeks to understand in which direction WWE will move with him. Paul London had a five-year spell with WWE between 2003 and 2008, primarily featuring in the Cruiserweight division and tag team division.

Paul London slams WWE

Apparently, it seems that not everyone liked the idea of ​​seeing the LA Knight return to his old ring name, with an old acquaintance of the WWE, namely Paul London, who would have criticized the WWE quite vehemently for the choice of the ring names last generation.

In fact, in the latest edition of the Cafe de Rene, London stated: "I think he's extremely talented. He's got a great personality, he's great on the microphone. He doesn't try to reinvent the wheel. He doesn't do anything crazy that comes out of his person or goes beyond his limits.

I'm not saying he's limited or anything like that. I mean that despite the physical he has other qualities. He's a nice guy, he works well, I really like his work. I've never seen anything like this since he's been in WWE, none of that.

I know they changed his name a couple of times. But I think writers lately see a little too much CW Network or read too many kid comics or something and they take those names from there or something. Because these names are bad.

They are not very credible. I think their minds are full or for some reason they can't find anything good anymore. I also believe they understood it. They will have gone with 'Well Max Dupri, let's go back to LA Knight, let's go back to something that looks like a shoe brand."