*Spoiler* Roxanne Perez made her debut on the main roster

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*Spoiler* Roxanne Perez made her debut on the main roster

Cora Jade and Roxanne Perez have been in a feud for a few months now. The two had in fact won the couple titles, but only a week later Cora had betrayed her best friend by making her lose a match and then attacked repeatedly.

Roxanne obviously felt terrible, confused by her behavior, but in the end, seeing that there was no hope of recovering their relationship, she decided to go with the flow and take the bull by the horns, challenging the girl with the skateboard.

During one of the previous installments of NXT, Greyson Waller hosted the two performers in his Grayson Waller Effect, where there was a confrontation regarding what will be their challenge at Halloween Havoc. In fact, the wrestler turned the famous spin the wheel Make a Deal wheel, revealing that they will face each other in a Weapons Wild Match.

In addition, Waller also announced that the two rivals could have chosen a challenger for their enemy to face, with the two choosing a Smackdown wrestler and a Raw wrestler, of their choice, to send against their rival.

Roxanne Perez makes her SmackDown debut

Tonight, during the last episode of the WWE blue show, Friday Night Smackdown, Roxanne Perez appeared in front of the cameras of the main roster, with the very young athlete who requested the help of Raquel Rodriguez, as the opponent of her arch rival to NXT.

Rodriguez, who immediately showed herself honored by this call, will therefore be Cora Jade's challenger at NXT, with the former champion of the black and gold brand who will be a great hard nut to crack for the NXT athlete.

Furthermore, after the segment that saw Roxanne present herself to the general public of the main roster, the attack of the Damage CTRL could not be missed, with Bayley who immediately went to tease the newcomer and from whose promo there was also a match three vs three, with the Damage CTRL on one side and with Raquel Rodriguez, Roxanne Perez and Shotzi Blackheart on the other.

WWE star Bayley has taken a dig at Roxanne Perez after her main roster debut on this week's SmackDown. The former champion suggested that the NXT star won't appear on the blue brand again courtesy of Damage CTRL. "And your last SmackDown ever," wrote The Role Model.

Some fans even labeled the former SmackDown Women's Champion as "wicked" and "harsh" after she took a shot at Perez.