*Spoiler* Sami Zayn got a prestigious win

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*Spoiler* Sami Zayn got a prestigious win

The episode of SmackDown opens with images of an accident that just happened outside the arena! Apparently Karrion Kross and Scarlett have been involved and the former NXT Champion, already battered, is also attacked by Drew McIntyre.

In short, it's all an excuse not to have him fight in tonight's Fatal-4 Way match, in which it would have made no sense to have him fight. The usual twisted logic of the WWE. Who will take his place? - Backstage Sami Zayn tries to charge Solo Sikoa, with an increasingly annoyed Jey Uso.

At one point the Canadian receives a call from Roman Reigns and then hands him Jey, who is probably reprimanded by his cousin. - Sami Zayn vs Kofi Kingston. Sami is accompanied by Jey Uso, probably at the request of Roman Reigns, who tries to get his two stablemates to work together.

In the finale, Kofi prepares for Trouble In Paradise, but is distracted by Jey.

Sami Zayn defeated Kofi Kingston

Kingston hits the Samoan and suffers a Sami Zayn RollUp, but that's not enough. The Jamaican gets back in control and tries a RollUp in turn, but Jey pushes in two, reversing the move ...

1 ... 2 ... 3! Kingston nearly rolled Zayn up for the win, but Jey pushed them, allowing Sami to reverse the pin for the win. The match was fun and could lead to a short rivalry between New Day and The Usos. Victory for Zayn, who must undoubtedly thank his friend / foe.

-Backstage Rey Mysterio reaches Triple H and tells him that he can't continue like this. He loved WWE, but he can't fight him son of him. REY LEAVES THE FEDERATION! What? HHH is not convinced and tells him they will talk about it in his office about him.

Roxanne's choice -We are still behind the scenes and Roxanne Perez from NXT joins Raquel Rodriguez and Shotzi, then tells the Mexican that she is her choice for the match against Cora Jade. However, the Damage CTRLs arrive and Bayley insults the young girl from the yellow show, telling her that he should have chosen her, then adds that tonight the Damages will embarrass the trio in front of her.

Solo Sikoa vs Ricochet. Good match led almost completely by Ricochet. In the final, the One And Only lands the rival, then gets on the stake and ..SHOOTING STAR PRESS! .. NO! He only gets up at the last, blocks him in flight and ...

URANAGE! .. 1 ... 2 ... 3! Victory for the former North American Champion and first point of the evening for the Bloodline. - Backstage, New Day meet Usos and Sami Zayn, then ask the Samoans how things are going with their new boss.