What are WWE's plans for Zelina Vega?

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What are WWE's plans for Zelina Vega?

On the show that aired on Friday night last week, we saw a lot of faces known to the NXT audience being the stars of the blue show, with Hit Row getting a bad beating at the hands of Latin-born athletes. While Hit Row did their promo in the blue show ring, the Legado del Fantasma stormed into the square and beat up the entire stable, with Top Dolla and Ashante Adonis being KO'd by the three male athletes of the Legado, while B-Fab was knocked out by Zelina Vega, a sensational new member of the former NXT heel team.

After knocking out all Hit Row members, both Zelina and Escobar did their introductory promo, with the team leader saying Smackdown will be theirs from now on. The question that everyone asked themselves between Friday and Saturday is why WWE decided to make the Legado del Fantasma debut on the main roster without their Elektra Lopez, with the girl who was included in the stable who would have disappeared instead.

Backstage news on Zelina Vega

According to what was reported in the last hours by the well-known Wrestling Observer, through the daily newsletter, WWE would have decided to replace Elektra Lopez with Zelina Vega, because the athlete who once served as Andrade's manager, seemed the perfect opponent for B-Fab.

Initially, in fact, Elektra Lopez should have been called to Smackdown together with the rest of the stable, but in the end the management has seen fit to replace Lopez with Zelina, as in the ring they needed more "nastiness", a characteristic that apparently WWE senior executives found in Zelina.

It is not known at the moment if Elektra will continue to fight in single at NXT or if she will still be involved in the storyline of the Legado of the Phantom at a later time, perhaps even with a sensational internal feud with Zelina, to manage the group.

WWE Superstar Zelina Vega has teased a team-up with one-half of the Women's Tag Team Champions, Dakota Kai. She replied by claiming that a team-up between the two avid "gamers is what the world needs: "@ImKingKota and Queen Zelina..

the gamer duo the world needs." Vega tweeted. "I miss Mexico! #DiadelaIndependenciadeMexico This picture was taken in 2011, so thankful to @SSDarkAngel 💜🙏🏽 The training was some of the most intense I’ve ever had but SO MUCH FUN! Actually, this was the same day I met @AndradeElIdolo for the 1st time lol ." Vega tweeted.