WWE has big plans for Omos

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WWE has big plans for Omos

Omos is arguably one of the world's most impressive pro-wrestling athletes around, but his rise has taken a bump in recent months. Although he only joined WWE in 2019, the federation immediately believed in his potential and quickly transferred him to the main roster alongside great characters already established.

The Nigerian superstar has built a reputation alongside AJ Styles, with whom he became Raw's tag team champion. Their reign lasted 133 days overall, before their paths parted to allow Omos to shine individually, or at least that was the intention of the WWE leadership.

However, the 28-year-old from Lagos has only appeared sporadically in the red brand in recent times. Many insiders have begun to criticize 'The Giant' in the ring, claiming that the company 'burned' him, causing him to go solo too soon.

Latest update on Omos

Apparently, WWE would have very specific plans in store for its black giant, given that as announced by the well-known site PW Insider, from the next few weeks both Omos and MVP, its current manager, are expected to participate in the next episodes of Friday.

Night Smackdown. Although the two remain on the Raw roster, as true Superstars of the red roster, WWE has decided to also make them appear on the blue show, to continue to carry on the dominance of the black giant, also in other places.

As we heard from the MVP himself, in the last episode of Smackdown, it seems that the next big challenge that Omos will have in the WWE rings is the one against Braun Strowman, a real clash between giants, which could lead their feud to culminating at Crown Jewel on November 5th.

These are the words of MVP that portend a challenge with Strowman in the near future: "Monster of all monsters? Have you never seen ... the 'Nigerian Giant' Omos? Put next to him, you look normal". Former manager Jim Cornette believes that WWE RAW Superstar Omos might be one of the worst wrestlers in the business.

The wrestling legend added that although the former tag team champion looked "visually impressive," his in-ring work looked "phony." "But, Omos. Jesus Christ. You know, he's visually impressive, but he's goddamn all his s**t looks phony or like he's in quicksand," said Jim Cornette.

"Rey [Mysterio] is being murdered by The Judgment Day. Omos disobeys MVP and goes to Rey's defense and rescues him. Now there is an equalizer and the Nigerian giant becomes loved by the fans," he added.