Former WWE star reflects on Bray Wyatt

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Former WWE star reflects on Bray Wyatt

The character who has certainly had the most success in the WWE rings before being fired from the company in the last two years, is Bray Wyatt, creator of the character of the demonic Fiend of the McMahon rings, who in recent years had kept glued to TVs all over the world.

world millions of WWE Universe fans for his captivating action. After winning a Universal title, then snatched from the hands of the Fiend by the returning Roman Reigns, for Bray Wyatt there had been a great feud with Randy Orton, who ended up ending Wyatt's career with the WWE, given the recent absences to which Wyatt had let himself go in the last period in the company, to fix some psychological problems that had gripped him for some time.

Unfortunately for him, however, the WWE preferred to do without his very expensive engagement, given the continuous absences, with the character much loved by television stations, by his executives and by all the fans of the WWE Universe in the world, which was however taken away with him.

After more than a year, Triple H wanted to bring back one of its flagships, making it reappear in front of the company's cameras at Extreme Rules.

Matt Hardy on Bray Wyatt

Many, among the WWE insiders, in the past have told how Vince McMahon treated Bray Wyatt almost like a son and just as such, their relationship was therefore not always of love, but often also of hate.

In the latest installment of his The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast, former WWE ECW Champion Matt Hardy wanted to tell some really shocking background on the McMahon-Wyatt relationship, saying: "Windham has always had a strange relationship with Vince, really very strange, like Vince sees him as a son in a certain way.

When Vince liked things, he literally loved him and would definitely give him anything, whatever he could. He would have made false cards to make him happy. But when he did something he didn't like at all, he hated it, like he wanted him dead.

It was a really weird, weird relationship, and it showed a real duality that Vince was expressing with Bray. When he liked or loved him, it was everything to him. But when he didn't like him, oh my God, he was really terrible, he insulted him, punished him and mortified him. For me, it was really strange and paradoxical. It was like a relationship with a parent."