Update on Naomi's current status

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Update on Naomi's current status

As we all know by now, Naomi and Sasha Banks on May 16, 2022 decided to plant the shack and puppets and leave during an episode of Raw where both would have to participate in a match to decree Bianca Belair's next challenger to the title.

According to what was reported by the various wrestling news sites, and documented extensively also here on World Wrestling, the two, at the time couple champions, had decided to leave because they did not want to return to the single title round, they wanted to raise the female couple division and consequently the two titles they had in life.

This led the WWE to suspend them, declaring after years that this was not happening, publicly, and consequently their belts were also torn, reassigned with a tournament recently and which are now in the hands of Dakota Kai and IYO SKY of Damage CTRL.

Will Triple H convince Naomi?

On the future of Sasha Banks, Triple H has already expressed himself previously saying that he does not know what will happen, but now thanks to the Wrestling Observer some news also emerges on Naomi, who has been a bit snubbed in this whole thing about their possible return.

In fact, according to Dave Meltzer, Naomi's contractual situation hasn't evolved due to some unresolved issues. The expiration of her contract was close to when she and Sasha Banks were suspended as we all know It has been pointed out that WWE may have frozen her original contract after her walkout which means it may still be valid for a while.

' It is thought that Naomi was renegotiating a new deal before going on hiatus. The report also says that Naomi will not be able to negotiate elsewhere if her contract has been frozen and she is still bound by it. Although talks between the two sides are said to be ongoing.

If you want to talk about this and everything that has happened from last weekend to today for women's wrestling, we invite you tonight at 9 pm to follow the live of Donne Tra Le Corde on their Twitch channel. Sasha Banks and Naomi could possibly return to challenge the newly crowned WWE Women's Tag Team Champions - IYO SKY and Dakota Kai, according to Hall of Fame journalist Bill Apter.

"It was a shocking turn of events seeing the WWE Women's tag team champions -- Raquel Rodriguez and Aliyah -- lose their gold in their first title defense. They were soundly defeated by the cheating ring tactics of now new champions Dakota Kai and IYO SKY (with their mentor Bayley at ringside for distraction purposes)."