Melina makes shocking revelations

Melina surprised the WWE Universe by entering this year's Women's Royal Rumble

by Simone Brugnoli
Melina makes shocking revelations

The Divas era in WWE is one of the most controversial ever when it comes to women's wrestling and it is certainly not a surprise when one of the former Divas makes a heavy statement about what was happening backstage and on stage, although the fact remains that certain things a sense of injustice and a bit of melancholy leave you.

In a recent interview with WrestlePurists, Melina expressed her thoughts on some things from that era she lived, which she thinks were a big deal and still are since they haven't completely disappeared, also revealing that the famous Gimmick Matches were punishments for women.

Melina surprised the WWE Universe

These are Melina's words: “We [Divas] are lucky to have this contract [with WWE] and it's not to say, 'Hey, let me take it out on the company.' There are so many hierarchical structures within it, of the kind that the person at the top of the company has to delegate this and this other person, that is, nothing can pass under the control of someone without delegation.

So I can't blame the whole company for what happens, but now I'll tell you something. There are some things on the roster that need to change, but they haven't changed. They are aftermath that we have been carrying with us for years, decades, several previous eras.

Certain behaviors or perhaps points of view are still there. So any kind of toxic thing gets pushed away slowly, but not fast enough yet. So when it comes to having any coalition where we say, 'Hey girls, let's get together, we're lucky to have this job, we don't want to lose it', and people we've seen them leave, it gets like, 'How can we keep our job but also kind of push for a better situation without being hated? ' We got together, we decided what we wanted to do and then we got punished.

Our punishments were, "Hey, here's a lingerie match after you've done something extraordinary," or like things like bathroom f * cking matches. They did similar things to see how far we could go. And we asked ourselves: 'Okay, how far do they want to drag us?'

I turned this into some kind of game. Like: 'Okay, let's see what hours they'll make us do. Okay, they want to see our reaction to all of this." WWE turned the introduction of several women from NXT to the main roster in 2015 into a storyline, calling it the "Divas' Revolution" (later renamed to "Women's Revolution").

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