New details on Roman Reigns' schedule

Roman Reigns is the Tribal Chief and the undisputed Universal Champion of WWE

by Simone Brugnoli
New details on Roman Reigns' schedule

As previously reported on our website, Roman Reigns has signed a somewhat lighter contract with WWE, which allows him to stay home more time with his family, wife and children. The wrestler said that obviously he will occasionally be on SmackDown, his current official roster, even if he also occasionally arrives at Raw because he still holds both maximum belts, and also will be in the most important Premium Live Events and Arab shows.

In fact as we have seen recently, the Tribal Chief was not present at Extreme Rules, which is considered secondary, but will instead be at Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia next month to defend his titles against Logan Paul.

Backstage news on Roman Reigns

PWinsider comes to our rescue and tells us the calendar that Roman Reigns should respect in the coming weeks, those that are used to essentially build Crown Jewel and also Survivor Series: 28/10 - SmackDown in St Louis, MO (could be double SmackDown TV tapings as there is no SmackDown TV advertised for 11/4 due to the PLE Crown Jewel)
31/10 - RAW in Dallas, TX (advertised locally as a special Halloween edition)
11/11 - Smackdown in Indianapolis, IN
11/18 - Smackdown in Hartford, CT
Roman is currently not booked for the Raw 21/11 edition in Albany or SmackDown on 25/11 Providence, RI which are the Survivor Series house shows.
We remind you that according to Dave Meltzer, the match in Saudi Arabia against Logan Paul was a choice as always made for fame and money: "He [Logan Paul] is worth a lot in Saudi Arabia," said the reporter.

"He's a big shot for the prince of Saudi Arabia and that's all in these shows." He also pointed out that he has nothing to do with increasing ticket sales. For these and other updates, keep following World Wrestling also on social networks Facebook and Instagram to have the news just a click away.

Konnan is not a fan of Logan Paul's feud with Roman Reigns and The Bloodline, saying his rivals are destroying the 27-year-old. "Here's what I think, bro. When (Logan) Paul was announced, I was like, 'Okay, good because Paul is popular.

He's going to bring in a lot of people,' but this has not clicked for me at all. The people boo Paul vociferously because I think they are not feeling it just like I'm not feeling this. Paul is getting destroyed on the microphone."

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