Wrestling legend reflects on Bray Wyatt's return

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Wrestling legend reflects on Bray Wyatt's return

The return of Bray Wyatt in WWE to Extreme Rules, after all the cryptic messages of the last few weeks and the QR Codes hidden but not too much in the various episodes of RAW and SmackDown, has moved a large slice of the WWE Universe, making a little turn up their noses to the other small slice.

The main reasons above all concern the on-ring skills of the now ex The Fiend, not always excellent, and the characters of him considered a little too out of place in WWE. But while we have fans who weren't impressed by Wyatt's return to WWE, on the other hand we find someone who made history in the Stamford federation and who is absolutely happy with the return of the former Universal Champion.

Jim Ross on Bray Wyatt's return

Former WWE commentator and current AEW commentator Jim Ross, during his Grilling JR podcast, wanted to share with fans his thoughts on the return to the screen of Bray Wyatt, absent for over a year and then returned to the latest WWE Premium Live Event: “I think he is a great athlete and pro and I am grateful for his return.

I'm not sure what agreements they talked about and then agreed on and I don't want to know, I like to see the situation unfold when you get the chance. Someone asked me if I watch WWE and sometimes I do, but only because I'm a wrestling fan.

Now I work for AEW and that's why I buy my groceries but I think a stratospheric talent." Jim Ross then continued on Bray Wyatt: “The blood of Blackjack Mulligan and Mike Rotunda runs in his veins, he is as athletic as he is for a 300 pound boy.

I am grateful that he is back, I am grateful for anyone who comes back for any mates, if everyone is happy. In other words, I believe this will make Bray Wyatt absolutely very happy and satisfied and I think he is a great thing." After his emotional and impactful promo on last week's SmackDown, Bray Wyatt will reportedly be involved with this week's episode of Monday Night RAW.

But this is what has been reported by Xero News on Twitter, who seem to have some insight when it comes to reporting on the rundowns of WWE shows. "More Wyatt stuff on RAW Unsure what atm," Xero News tweeted. It remains to be seen if this was indeed an off-character from The Eater of Worlds or whether it is all part of his new character.