Backstage details on Sami Zayn's future

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Backstage details on Sami Zayn's future

Over the last few months, an athlete who has nothing to do with the Anoa'i lineage has become increasingly close to Bloodline: Sami Zayn. The Canadian, in fact, has repeatedly saved both Usos and Roman Reigns from some blows from the faces of the blue show, with Sami who has always done his utmost as a member of the Bloodline, even without having the right to.

During one of the last episodes of Friday Night Smackdown aired as usual on the American FOX channel, Roman Reigns himself decided to thank Zayn for the work done, proclaiming him in effect a new "brother" of Bloodline, bringing out even a personalized t-shirt for the former Intercontinental Champion of the blue show, who was delighted by the honor.

After seeing the entry into the stable also of Solo Sikoa, coming from NXT, Sami Zayn then becomes an "Honorary Uce", thanks to the Tribal Chief, with the Bloodline that has thus become more and more dominant in the WWE rings and more and more extensive.

Jim Cornette talks about Sami Zayn

In just a few weeks, Sami Zayn managed to carve out a truly prominent and prominent part in the stable of Samoan origin, with the latest episode of Friday Night Smackdown which saw Jey Uso and the Canadian himself also come face to face, for of the decisions ultimately made by the Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns, by telephone.

Outside of WWE though, there are some who are convinced that Sami Zayn could do her best on the babyface side, with Jim Cornette speaking in his Jim Cornette's Drive Thru: "Roman Reigns is great, Paul Heyman is great, Sami Zayn is amazing.

He is receiving several 'Sami Sami' chants whenever he opens his mouth or even if he just raises his finger to say 'Can I speak?' and he could become one of the biggest babyfaces instead of a giant toothache of me ** a. But at least, on the show, it's fun to watch." WWE SmackDown star Top Dolla of Hit Row recently praised Sami Zayn and Shinsuke Nakamura for their iconic match at NXT TakeOver: Dallas.

He added that he was in the third row and it was one of the greatest bouts he'd ever seen. "One of the coolest parts of being on #SmackDown is I’ve got to talk about this match with Shinsuke & Sami…I was in the 3rd Row and it was one of the greatest matches I’ve ever seen."

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