Erick Rowan opens up on his WWE experience


Erick Rowan opens up on his WWE experience
Erick Rowan opens up on his WWE experience

Former WWE Superstar Erick Rowan talked about his experience paired with the now known in AEW as Bryan Danielson. In the past, WWE have been involved in a feud with Roman Reigns as Rowan targeted Roman Reigns backstage effectively breaking his alliance with Bryan.

After falling out with his tag team partner, Erick Rowan was moved to Monday Night Raw while on April 15, 2020, he was later released along with several other superstars, all due to some cuts to the company's salary budget.

Erick Rowan is a former WWE star

In an interview with Steve Fall at NBC Sports Boston, Erick Rowan reflected on his collaboration with ex Daniel Bryan. The historic Wyatt Family member also admitted that things could have been better after their breakup: “The idea of ​​us together was great and I loved it.

Destroying us was even better because it gave me the opportunity to start getting noticed in single. I think the cage thing and not being "the goat face" anymore could bring me some more results. After the planned adventure failed, they no longer knew what to do with me." Before collaborating with Danielson, Erick Rowan was part of the Bray Wyatt stable.

Together with the late Luke Harper, Rowan managed to achieve great results. With the return of Wyatt to WWE after a long absence, according to some rumors the former goat face could return together with his former leader in a new stable.

In the last hours, the full name behind the characters of the Firefly Fun House would have begun with several athletes possible members of his stable, including Erick Rowan. On this front, however, there would have been a huge reversal immediately.

After his farewell from WWE, Erick Rowan continued to fight under Erick Redbeard's ring name. Additionally, he also appeared during the AEW Dynamite episode in memory of Brodie Lee, the former Luke Harper who passed away at the age of 41 about two years ago.

Amidst rumors of Triple H's interest in re-signing several former WWE stars, Erick Redbeard has revealed that he is open to returning to the company. "There's always opportunity, and my story within wrestling and that character of Erick Rowan or Erick Redbeard, it has so much left to tell.

I think when I stepped aside when COVID happened and people were let go, I wasn't ready for my story to stop on that [note]," said the former Wyatt Family member.

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