Does Shelton Benjamin change his gimmick?


Does Shelton Benjamin change his gimmick?

With the departure of Vince McMahon and the arrival of Triple H at the top of the WWE, many wrestlers have been able to take advantage of various changes within the company itself to propose new ideas or simply follow the new guidelines.

All these changes are evident and this is evident both on and off screen. In all this, among the most interesting changes stands out the one on creative freedom, where now wrestlers no longer have strict rules to follow but are left with much more freedom.

Many of these wrestlers, especially the younger ones, seem to be managing to soar among the roster of the McMahon company, with the creative freedom that was already there years ago in WWE, which would help athletes a lot to grow their own on-screen character.

Apparently, not only the young recruits would have received help from this freedom, but also the veterans, with two of them, who have been working for WWE for years, who could soon even receive a push, after years and years of booking.

mediocre towards them. WWE RAW Superstar Shelton Benjamin has commented on who came up with the idea for him and Shawn Michaels' popular airborne superkick spot.

Shelton Benjamin changes gimmick?

In the last episode of this week's Main Event, on WWE's secondary program, Shelton Benjamin, the company's longtime athlete who has worked for the McMahons since the early 2000s, although he was absent from the federation for a while after his release.

, he became the protagonist of a very intense promo, which left the fans very thoughtful about his future in the Stamford company rings. In his promo, Shelton Benjamin spoke to R-Truth, with the two who have now become an official tag team in the WWE secondary program rings.

Shelton talked about the fact that many have always told him to be more serious in the Stamford federation rings, otherwise he could never have aspired to big prizes, since he hasn't won a title in years. His promo eventually ended with the phrase "I used to be the Gold Standard Shelton Benjamin but now I'm just Shelton." even aiming to be an official team on the main roster and why not, maybe even aiming for Raw or Smackdown tag team titles, should the Usos lose at least one.

Benjamin added that it was WWE Producer Michael P. Hayes who approached him about taking the superkick off the top rope. “I mean, Eddie taught me so much in the ring, on the fly. So, working with Shawn was just like… everything was coming together perfectly.

The finish was bonkers. I believe it was Michael Hayes who just asked me [to do the spot], ‘Hey Shelton,’ Do you think?’ And I was like, ‘Yeah’."

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