Big E Suffers and Injury

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Big E Suffers and Injury

Most professional wrestlers suffer some kind of any injury during some point in their careers. The problem is that some wrestlers suffer horrific injuries that can end their careers in just one night. Many famous WWE wrestlers had to retire prematurely because wrestlers cannot continue after suffering a major injury.

Wrestlers sometimes have to take months or years off to recover from a brutal injury. That can negatively effect their careers. Some wrestlers prefer to wrestle even after they are injured to keep their momentum going. This can really be bad for a wrestler again as the wrestler can end up aggravating his/her injury.

WWE announced that the Big E was injured during Smackdown this week. He was going for a crossbody -but got injured during the process. He tore his meniscus. That is why most high risk moves are not used by most of the WWE wrestlers in the current roster.

WWE issued the following statement: “Big E suffers torn meniscus Big E of The New Day has suffered a torn meniscus, according to a tweet from the Superstar posted Thursday afternoon. He is not currently medically cleared for action.

Stay with all of WWE's digital platforms for more details on Big E's status as they become available”. Big E also wrote the following on his Twitter account: “Making mincemeat of my meniscus
Crossbody cooked the cartilage
Bye for a bit”