Dana Brooke loses her temper


Dana Brooke loses her temper

Poor Dana Brooke never has peace and once again she is attacked senseless, or as the "random" Americans would say, when she just has nothing to do with it and is blissfully minding her own business. Specifically, during the last episode of Monday Night Raw, sitting at the commentary table, Seth Rollins, current US champion, said: “Theory has a better chance of cashing in [the MITB briefcase ed.] On Roman or Dana Brooke or, really, any person but me.

It's smarter than that." This sentence infuriated the wrestler a little, who felt disrespectful and then wrote on Twitter in response to a tweet that reported the video of the incident: "It's easy to make unrealistic claims that are not supported by evidence.

I fuck myself every single day and I won't tolerate this shit anymore! I can promise you that I am the WOMAN who works the hardest around here, I have never taken a break from work, I have always worked even as an injured person, I have tried several times that I can adapt to every role that is assigned to me and I DID IT WITH A SMILE ON THE FACE!"

Backstage news on Dana Brooke

Almost a year ago now, during an episode of Monday Night Raw, Corey Graves, the show's commentator, had indulged in not very nice comments towards Dana Brooke.

The man, in fact, during a match of the woman against Shayna Baszler, did not mince words to define her as an unsuccessful wrestler who should soon stop the consecutive losing streak, adding that she has never achieved much of her in her career.

Corey later stated that he made it clear to her: "I texted the morning after her saying," Hey, no hard feelings, it wasn't personal. " In all fairness, I don't know what's going to happen on these shows. I am reacting. She is my choice.

[...] I prefer not to know what's going on because I like to think that my reactions are more genuine, I can use my wits a little better." WWE RAW Superstar Dana Brooke has opened up about the troubles she's faced traveling with the 24/7 Championship.

“I was leaving Monday Night RAW, I was in the airport on Tuesday, and the gate agent told me I can’t take my bag on the plane, and he was persistent about it," said Brooke. I pulled him aside, and I said it very stern, I said ‘Listen to me, I’m a WWE superstar, I have a title in there, a gold title, a 24/7 championship title in my bag, I cannot check this bag, do you hear me?’ And he goes ‘Well then you’re not flying,’ I go ‘Listen, do me a favor and take me on the plane yourself, I know this bag will fit,’ and he’s like ‘Alright, this is how plane gets delayed."

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