Tommaso Ciampa underwent surgery

Tommaso Ciampa has been one of the cornerstones of NXT since its debut in 2015

by Simone Brugnoli
Tommaso Ciampa underwent surgery

In a very particular segment during the last episode of Monday Night Raw, we learned that one of the wrestlers on the roster right now is not present from week to week in the programming due to an injury. During the segment The Miz tried to justify Tommaso Ciampa's absence by stating that according to him he stayed at home because of Dexter Lumis, who as we know by now has been tormenting the Magnificent and all those around him for some time, but Johnny Gargano denied everything live stating that he had exchanged some messages with him that had confirmed that he was injured.

The wrestler in the days before Raw, had posted a video of him training, complaining that he could not command his body by doing a leg workout as his hips were giving him some trouble.

Latest update on Tommaso Ciampa

Yesterday he revealed on social media that he has finally operated on and is on the road to recovery: “The road to recovery has begun.

It's a familiar road. Almost too familiar. Special thanks to Dr. Emblom and his team for taking such amazing care of me. Thanks to the WWE medical team for putting me back together once again. And thanks to my "nurses" at home for always keeping an eye on me.

It took a while, but we finally found the cause of all that glutes/sacrum /back pain. A hip bone that "looked like shredded cheese" according to my wife, who watched the operation. 'It is not important how you hit, the important thing is how you can withstand the blows, how you collect and if you go down you have the strength to get up' - Rocky Balboa.

And yes, Willow insisted on dressing up as a pirate for our trip to Birmingham." Best wishes for a speedy recovery to Tommaso Ciampa from all of World Wrestling, we hope to see him again soon in WWE. Tommaso Ciampa has commented on why he decided to join the main roster after vowing to spend his career in NXT.

He mentioned his neck condition being a major factor. “So much,” Ciampa said. “I get asked this all the time. Having a successful neck surgery, huge factor. Going into that and having the pain I had for as long as I had, I always felt like, your career’s ending soon.

Now I don’t feel that way. Now I feel like, ‘Oh, you might have just finished the first half of your career.’ Because I’ve learned how to wrestle with it, and I’m not in pain."

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