What's next for Sonya Deville?

Sonya Deville has been wrestling under the WWE banner since 2015

by Simone Brugnoli
What's next for Sonya Deville?

After seeing the final smile in her match at Extreme Rules, Liv Morgan added to the dose of nastiness during the latest episode of Smackdown, when in her match against Sonya Deville she almost scared the fans for the strangeness of her actions.

During the contest, Liv was severely attacked by her opponent, but she always refused to give up and stay down, until the two walked out of the ring and remained fighting there, until the 10 count of the referee. The double counting out of the ring, however, did not stop Liv Morgan from attacking her opponent, with it all ending with a Superplex on a stack of chairs placed right by Liv in the center of the ring.

After falling on the chairs too, Liv showed herself in favor of the room with a 32-tooth smile, while Sonya Deville was screaming in pain. It therefore seems that WWE is continuing to follow this narrative vein, which will lead the Smackdown blonde to have a decidedly more complex and unusual character than what has been seen so far.

Jim Cornette comments on Sonya Deville

In the last episode of his Jim Cornette Experience, the former WWE manager, seen in the ring with several legends of the company, wanted to pull the ears of the federation for the treatment it has been reserving to Sonya Deville in recent weeks.

After what was seen at Smackdown, Cornette said: "Liv goes under the ring and starts pulling chairs out and throwing them at ringside and then throwing them into the ring as well with the audience starting to shout 'We want tables', because objects are more important than wrestlers.

I bet I can buy a table for 65 or 70 dollars and instead one of these wrestlers costs at least several hundred thousand dollars a year. Then Liv Morgan puts the ringside on fire trying to throw the chairs into the ring. There is Deville there trying to play the victim, selling the moves and staring at her like 'will you ever come back to me, fucking bleached blonde doll?' This is burying Deville.

They leave her lying there waiting forever. Then they return to the ring and Cruella continues to sell so that the girl can get on the stake and without resistance make her a Superplex from the highest rope on the chairs. Both girls, even this clumsy blonde, fall on the chairs and she starts laughing because she has become 'extreme'

So now a bump on the steel chairs doesn't hurt a 50 kg girl and this is the evening program that you will obviously forget."

Sonya Deville