Ari Daivari on the problems of working with young talents

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Ari Daivari on the problems of working with young talents

Ari Daivari talked about many topics in an interview with the AEW Unrestricted podcast. The emphasis was on young talents. Tony Khan has shown many times how important young talents are to him. “Tony said, ‘I think you’re a good veteran leader for some of our younger wrestlers.’ Tony is really good about developing the younger wrestlers, younger talent, and asked me, and even said that about Parker, you know, Parker Boudreaux who’s in my group.

He’s like, ‘I think he’s really good. He’s a young guy. I think he’ll do great learning from you’, and stuff like that. I said, ‘No problem’, and I kind of mentioned that I’d like to do that for all your talent.

I would love to help out. So that’s how that kind of came about. Then I started working with the girls. Here in AEW, we have an extremely talented roster, and I’m not just saying that. Literally from top to bottom, our men’s division, women’s division, everybody’s good and it’s kind of obvious because Tony Kahn really prides himself on having banger matches and work rate.

His roster is stacked."- he said, as quoted by

Ari Daivari on young talents

Ari Daivari said how ambitious young talents are, but that sometimes it is necessary to 'drop the ball' "So a producer here, I kind of feel like almost sometimes like reigning talent back just a little bit for their own good.

We got some some wild, crazy guys and girls who are dedicated to the business, and if you don’t reign them back a little bit, they’re gonna go out there and potentially kill themselves for the love of the business, which ain’t a bad thing to have that mentality, but sometimes you just want to kind of reign it back just a little bit like, ‘Hey, we got week to week TV.

I need you here next week. You can’t kill yourself on this show because we need you here next week and the week after and the week after that and all that kind of stuff. So, being a producer, you just sometimes want to help instill the psychology, make sure some of the old school rules live on while still adding a new school flavor to it”.