Bayley comments on Triple H's modus operandi

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Bayley comments on Triple H's modus operandi

In an interview with The National, Bayley talked about many topics, and one of the first topics was the return to Saudi Arabia. “The first time, I wasn’t really sure how much the fans actually knew us or how much they watched the product.

I was pleasantly surprised that they had signs with our names on and were super into the match. So I’m looking forward to that, to see how much it’s grown since the last time I was here”. - she said, as quoted by Bayley used the time spent behind the ring in the right way.

She needed to recover from her injury, and Bayley took advantage of that. “It was a very humbling experience because I’ve never had surgery. I’ve never been away from wrestling aside for maybe a couple months for a shoulder injury.

But it was super-humbling because my body wasn’t as strong as I thought it would be. I really did enjoy the time off and because it’s been almost nine or 10 years since I’ve had any time off with this WWE schedule as a performer.

So I enjoyed it as much as I could with my family and my friends and just tried to see the plus side of it”.

Triple H

The arrival of Triple H as the head of the company caused a lot of positive reactions: "He’s super-easy to talk to and to just have a conversation with whenever you feel the need to.

You can always reach out to him or he’s always around. It’s super-easy to see where you want to go with stories, careers or within the show or even within the next month”. Kai is in WWE again: “It just shows me that we’re going in the right direction.

We’re just going to keep growing bigger and bigger and just continue to be the best women’s division in all of sport”.