Jim Cornette: Triple H made a big mistake

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Jim Cornette: Triple H made a big mistake

In his podcast, Jim Cornette commented on Triple H and his moves at the start. Cornette immediately expressed his displeasure with Triple H bringing back Hit Row. “This is Triple H’s mistake. He was trying to bring back all the talent they lost well, he brought them back but they’re not talent and nothing was lost here.

What was lost was Swerve Strickland apparently. Again, I saw the [highlights], I wasn’t treated to the entire thing, but I saw the clip that they released on their own recognisance, on their own website. And God they’re doing a four way at the start, B-Fab is just standing in the ring the manager is wandering around, and then they highlighted Top Dolla.

"- he said, as quoted by pwmania.com

Top Dolla: "He acts like a.."

He also had a lot to say about Top Dolla. Cornette obviously does not think too highly of him and is not happy with certain things. We'll see if Triple H and Top Dolla react to his statements.

"Top Dolla acts like he is a combination of Jimmy Superfly Snuka, The Rock and f*cking I don’t know, Gorgeous George. While he looks like a fat basketball dad on the playground is swearing that he can dunk and fail at every time but then watch this, watch this.

He grabs the guy’s hand, he points to the turnbuckle like all the people are going to see me go to the turnbuckle. And then he wallers is fat ass up on top and stands there while the guys helping him balance and then he jumps off and gives him a Baba chop to the back of the head head.

Oh my God. This is a nearly 40 year old man. Did we not establish that he’s closing in on 40, and he’s dressing like he’s 16 on the playground in the hood”. Interesting opinion.