Jim Ross On Gene Okerlund Being Fired By Vince McMahon

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Jim Ross On Gene Okerlund Being Fired By Vince McMahon

Jim Ross has worked most of his life for the WWE and according to many professional wrestling experts and journalists, he is the best wrestling commentator of all time. He was working as the Head of Talent Relations at WWE for a very long time and has seen 100s of wrestlers join and leave the WWE over his nearly 30-year WWE career.

He mainly worked under Vince McMahon who was the chairman of the WWE for over 40 years. Vince McMahon has fired many wrestlers and staff members over the past few years. Jim Ross recently spoke about how Vince McMahon fired Gene Okerlund.

Vince McMahon fired Gene in a very interesting way according to Jim.

Jim Ross Believes Vince McMahon Fired Gene is a Very Interesting Man

"Vince called me into his office one day and said, 'We're going to make some changes here,'" Ross recalled on his podcast, "Grilling JR." "So I'm thinking it's going to affect me.

Now I'm apprehensive, but he said, 'We're going to let Okerlund go.' I said, 'Why?' and he goes, 'I just want a fresh look and younger [talent], but I don't want anybody to know about it because I'm going to help Gene get a better deal with WCW.

They don't know that I'm getting ready to let him go, so now they can think that they're taking him from us.' " Gene was actually part of the broadcast team for a very long time. He was considered at that time one of the best members of the broadcast team.

He left WWE in September 1993. Vince McMahon simply did not renew his contract. Gene signed with WCW in November that year. Gene eventually made his way back to WWE after Vince bought WCW at the end of the Monday Night Wars. "If it had been me, I never would've gotten rid of Mean Gene.

He was a face in WWE, he was popular and talented," Ross said. Ross became head of Talent Relations in the early 1990s, kept that position for a few years, and left in the early 2000s. Ross joined AEW in 2019 and he works as a Senior Advisor over there.

He is also a commentator at AEW. Jim Ross is one of the many former WWE employees that joined AEW when the company was launched. Many considered Jim Ross joining AEW as one of the promotion's most significant signings.