Chelsea Green on her chances of returning to WWE

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Chelsea Green on her chances of returning to WWE

WWE Superstar Chelsea Green is someone everyone would love to see back in WWE. It was about the return option that Chelsea talked about in an interview with “With WWE, I’m really glad that I left on good terms, although I was sad that I didn’t get to fulfill myself creatively as a wrestler.

I still had a great relationship with Triple H. I had a great relationship with Vince, so I am really happy that I’m able to hold my head up high knowing there’s an opportunity for me to possibly go back if they decide it’s the time and the place.

But this time would be different because I went into it the first time, and I was just so doe-eyed and naive, and just thought that I deserved to be listened to and deserved to be heard. Now I realize it’s not always like that.

And it’s not always wrestling. It’s just show business. Acting is the same way. You’re not going to get everything that you ‘deserve’ or everything that you work for, and all you can do is just go in with a totally open mind and just let things happen.

So if I did get the chance to go back, and if someone contacted me, I would absolutely have that conversation”. - she said, as quoted by

Chelsea Green and her plans

Chelsea also has other plans. “I have unfinished business at WWE, period.

But I would go into it totally different than I did the last time, and I think that’s also the beauty of growing up. I have other goals in life now and at some point I want to start a family,” Green said. “It would be nice to close the WWE chapter with another run or another storyline, but that’s not my choice. That’s theirs.