AJ Styles on John Cena: "I will say that a guy that surprised me with how.."

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AJ Styles on John Cena: "I will say that a guy that surprised me with how.."

The great wrestler John Cena was often at odds with AJ Styles in the past. However, AJ Styles has only praises to say about this great wrestler. There was a lot of fear among many as Cena was considered a dangerous opponent.

AJ Styles praised Cena's qualities as well as what he did in the ring during the fight. In addition to being a fierce opponent, he also always attracted a lot of attention to his matches. “I’ve had a lot of tough opponents throughout my career.

I will say that a guy that surprised me with how good he was in the ring would be John Cena,” Styles said, as quoted by pwmania.com “John is not known for being a technical mastermind in the ring, but he’s pretty good.

I had some of my better matches against this guy”.

John Cena

As part of his confirmation, AJ Styles also revealed that John Cena reached the top for a reason and not out of the blue. There was no doubt that in the ring, he was a very skilled fighter who knew how to deceive his opponent.

He had certain mental tricks, and it wasn't easy to meet him eye to eye. The opponents found it difficult to deal with him due to his size and strength. “I didn’t realize what I was getting myself into, there’s a little bit of everything,” AJ added.

“I had no idea. That’s one of those things where I had a lot to learn. Some guys may not look the part, but they definitely… His mind for how everything needs to work and transition-wise. He’s just good.

He knows what he’s doing. It’s one of those things were you thought, ‘I’m the superior wrestler in the ring,’ but once you get in there with John Cena, you realize, ‘Well, okay, I didn’t know that. Let’s keep going.’ He’s pretty good”.