Nick Khan's the reason behind Vince McMahon's WWE exit?

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Nick Khan's the reason behind Vince McMahon's WWE exit?

After retiring from WWE last July, former Stamford-based company CEO Vince McMahon has kept a pretty low profile by no longer appearing in public. The former head of the federation never showed up again and only once was he caught while celebrating his birthday in August at a dinner with John Cena, Brock Lesnar and other athletes present.

Vince McMahon was not alone, next to him was a mysterious woman who had been seen with him again while he ate. So in the last few hours, a user on Reddit would have taken a picture of the two together, one more time, in a restaurant in New York City on Saturday, November 5th.

At the moment, who the woman in question is remains a mystery. Previously, it was reported that Vince McMahon and his wife Linda, although still legally married, had not been together for a long time. In his podcast, WWE manager Dutch Mantel then spoke about Vince McMahon, also accusing executives of leaking the news of Vince McMahon's misconduct for their own purposes.

Was Nick Khan responsible for Vince McMahon's outing?

Speaking on his Story Time podcast, former WWE Dutch Mantel explained how he believes Nick Khan is responsible for the leaked rumors of Vince McMahon's misconduct. As he explained, Mantel also known as Zeb Colter insisted that the current WWE Co-CEO did so on the orders of the Board of Directors: “Nick Khan is the reason for the (revelation of the) misconduct of Vince McMahon.

I think that's why he was sent away. They can't prove it but I think he was sent away because they were waiting, this is what you use in world politics, for a regime change. This is what was actually starting to release numerous athletes as well.

Nick Khan made it, and he and his people managed to send him away." Following Vince McMahon's departure from WWE, new executives have taken control of the federation's day-to-day operations with great success. Stephanie McMahon is the new president and co-CEO along with Nick Khan while Triple H is the Chief Content Officer and head of creativity.