The theories about Austin Theory's WWE future

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The theories about Austin Theory's WWE future

No dismissal has now taken place, but simply a radical change of plans for a future that continues to be all on his side. This is the situation that seems to exist around an apparently downsized Austin Theory, now without the briefcase of Mister Money in the Bank after the events of the latest Monday Night Raw episode.

But despite this, according to leaks from America, Theory continues to enjoy the trust of the WWE management. Monday Night Raw ended on a surprising note this week when Austin Theory unsuccessfully cashed in its Money in the Bank briefcase for the US title.

There is a reason why things went this way, and it's not bad news at all for the man who until a few months ago was presented in WWE as the protégé of Vince McMahon. According to what Steve Carrier of 'Ringside News' learned, in fact, the climate isn't negative at all for the athlete.

His colleagues aren't angry with him, and neither is the management. The latter, on the contrary, was favorably impressed by the way in which Austin Theory "sold" the sorrow for the failed collection of his briefcase (also for a secondary title).

The atmosphere at the top of the WWE is described as very positive towards the young fighter, who would have generated "the excitement of the producers" for the recent events of Raw. But above all, there will continue to be very serious projects for the rest of his career.

Austin Theory's future in WWE after the Money in the Bank fiasco

A prominent member of the creative team would have reported to 'Ringside News' that "all producers had the feeling that finally in WWE we are finding the right place for Theory".

This is demonstrated by the fact that he is now planning to continue and escalate the feud with Seth Rollins, "who is fast becoming Raw's best babyface" after putting his rivalry with Riddle behind him. Bobby Lashley is also in the pack, as the All Mighty "has been anointed as the only man who can beat Brock Lesnar at will." A writer "with direct knowledge of this situation" said, "...We are told that "Theory is better off today than he has been since Vince retired” and "he’s not written off.

He's right in the middle of the US Title picture." Austin Theory is no longer Mr Money in the Bank, but according to the source reached by 'Ringside News,' he was also in a difficult position with that briefcase, especially with Roman Reigns reigning supreme over the entire company. Now, however, WWE can put Theory in the position he needs to be.