Prichard on Hogan and Vince’s Love/Hate Relationship

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Prichard on Hogan and Vince’s Love/Hate Relationship

Hulk Hogan is one of the most famous professional wrestlers of all time. He has worked for the WWE and the WCW. He was also a famous Hollywood movie star. Hulk Hogan left the WWE for the WCW during the early 1990s. He didn’t leave the WWE on good terms though.

Bruce Prichard was a writer for the WWF back then. He spoke about the love/hate relationship between Hulk Hogan and Vince McMahon. "This was a time that he had distanced himself, and Hulk saw the opportunity with Thunder in Paradise to go off and become a David Hasselhoff in the syndication world, so he saw bigger and better things.

If he was going to do wrestling maybe he was going to do good for a different billionaire, even though Vince wasn't a billionaire at the time," stated Prichard. "You are waiting for the call from Hulk Hogan saying that he believes he is going to sign with WCW unless we can convince him to stay with the WWF, so, that always happened," said Prichard.

"Plus, you always went through that breakup period where at first you are sad, and then you get to the angry stage. But I think it ran its course with Hulk where he was going off and doing other things, to, well, that son of a b**** is now flirting with WCW and is using their talents, and is not even calling us for our talents”.