Did Triple H fail a huge stable?


Did Triple H fail a huge stable?

One of the stable that has been dominating the WWE rings for weeks now is undoubtedly that of Judgment Day, a team composed of Finn Balor, team leader after the forced ouster of Edge, (its creator), Dominik Mysterio, Damian Priest and Rhea Ripley.

Initially, only Edge and Damian Priest were part of Judgment Day, with the stable that gradually grew, including first the former NXT champion, then Finn Balor and finally also the son of the legendary luchador, Rey Mysterio.

Due to the split with his father and therefore the consequent turn heel of Dominik, completely plagiarized by Rhea Ripley, Rey had to move to the rings of Friday Night Smackdown, asking Triple H before leaving the company and then finding a way to stay.

in WWE, but not against his son. In the latest episode of Monday Night Raw, however, Judgment Day found the perfect stable to have an even-numbered feud on both sides, with AJ Styles' The OC and the Good Brothers, who have hired an old WWE acquaintance.

Universe just got back together: Mia Yim, who slaughtered Rhea Ripley after weeks of attacks and taunts.

Does Triple H still believe in Judgment Day?

As you all know, as soon as Vince McMahon left the scene as the creative head of the WWE as well as the CEO of the federation, Triple H would have taken the situation in hand with regard to the creative part, with Judgment Day which, however, did not convince him absolutely.

At the beginning of his arrival at the top of the creative team, in fact, Triple H did not look kindly on the plans that Vince had created for the wrestlers who made up the heel team of Raw, also thinking about how to demolish it.

In the last period, however, the Triple seems to have retraced his footsteps, with the well-known American site WrestleVotes which in fact reported in the past few hours: "We know that last July or early August, whatever time this transition happened, from what we were told, Triple H didn't like Judgment Day at all.

It wasn't personal, but he didn't like the idea at all. After seeing the stable grow and having been behind it for a while, however, in the end Triple H has changed his mind and it seems that the stable will go on for quite a while longer than anticipated." With Triple H now holding the creative reins in WWE, many changes have taken place.

"Anything is possible man, there's a lot of trios going on. Sheamus and The Brawling Brutes, The Bloodline, The New Day. Yeah, I think a trios title would be interesting. It would obviously be something that's never been done before in WWE, so who knows."

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