The Shield celebrates 10 years

The Shield represented one of the most successful stables to have appeared in WWE in the modern era

by Simone Brugnoli
The Shield celebrates 10 years

The Shield represented one of the most successful stables to have appeared in WWE in the modern era. Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns began working together in November 2012 and their partnership has resulted in countless awards and victories until June 2014.

Following the disbandment of the faction, all three became world champions and wrote memorable pages of wrestling history. Roman Reigns literally took off, to become the symbol of the Stamford company and the true heir of John Cena, now even becoming the undisputed champion of the main roster.

The first signs of his imminent explosion as a top wrestler had already been seen at the 2014 Royal Rumble, when he had eliminated as many as 12 Superstars, beating Kane's previous record. After years with the WWE, however, Dean Ambrose decided to take a different path, awaiting the expiration of his last contract and moving on to competitor All Elite Wrestling, with the name of Jon Moxley (his old ring name), where he was also one of the federation's longest-serving world champions, as well as the current absolute champion of the company.

WWE celebrates 10 years of The Shield

In the first 10 years from the birth of the stable, WWE has seen fit to make known the video in which the three protagonists of The Shield, or Rollins, Reigns and Ambrose, now back to being Jon Moxley, in the rings of the AEW, recorded the voices of the their entry to the company's microphones.

With a short video, WWE revealed how the words "Sierra Hotel India Echo Lima Delta - SHIELD" were recorded, which we heard for months whenever one of the three or all three athletes entered the scene on Monday Night. Raw, Friday Night Smackdown or WWE ppvs.

Well from the video you can see very well how 10 years have passed, with all three athletes who were much younger and with decidedly different looks than now. None of the three had yet become world champion and none of the three had yet taken any company to tow on their shoulders, as all three now do.

How much things have changed in their lives in just 10 years. According to two-time WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair, Seth Rollins has a long way to go to reach Roman Reigns' level of stardom. "Look at Seth Rollins. He's been 10 different things.

You know what he was the best at? Being The Architect. Because he's really strong and technical in the ring. But since then I can't even keep track of all of it. I know why it is, it's all to sell merchandise. I saw where he compared himself to Roman Reigns. I don't think that's even close."

The Shield