Scarlett is attacked in a live event

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Scarlett is attacked in a live event

The world of pro-wrestling, more than any other type of entertainment sport, is often arrested due to some interference by fans in the ring or because of some real aggression against WWE Superstars or athletes who are performing on any world ring.

Having to stage storylines with characters, several times heel, the fans who flock to see the deeds of these wrestlers, very often end up arguing with them and then go too far, trying to attack these wrestlers or throwing objects at them.

In recent years it has happened very often, even the WWE, with an episode of Monday Night Raw which became very famous for an attack by a fan against Seth Rollins, who was then saved by WWE security, while the fan rowdy attacked him from behind.

Apparently, it seems to have happened once again, with the last WWE live event, which this time saw a woman being assaulted, with a fan appearing to have thrown a drink at her, only to be arrested by the police present at the event.

Scarlett Bordeaux's interference during the match between Drew Mcintyre and Karrion Kross cost the latter the match at WWE Crown Jewel 2022.

Scarlett is attacked

In the last live event held in Peoria, Illinois, a fan was arrested for throwing a drink on Karrion Kross' manager Scarlett.

Through one of the many online sources that report the news, we learn that Karrion Kross and Drew McIntyre were engaged in their match, when the manager of the heel of the dispute was attacked. This Preston Sloat, he told the story as follows, writing on Twitter: "We were right behind them and we saw the girl who was in the group throw the drink and then they tried to hide her behind the family, with all of us looking at them and they were ashamed to death, until they asked all of them to leave." After the drink was launched, the police would also arrive and escort the girl out, eventually taking her to the station.

At the moment, no news has emerged regarding possible charges or possible fines by the Illinois state police. "When I was leaving NXT the first time, and coming to the main roster, my goal was to compete against Roman Reigns," added Kross.

"I wanted to be very careful how I wanted to talk about that publicly, because sometimes when you say what you wanna do, publicly, it will never happen."

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