Otis talks about his battle with dyslexia


Otis talks about his battle with dyslexia

Dyslexia is a very common problem in people, but they always show a great determination in doing things and do not let themselves be discouraged by it, carrying on their little personal battles. Many actors or singers are dyslexic, people who deal with scripts and song lyrics every day, but they are only two of the job categories that we could mention, also because among these there is the profession of the wrestler.

As in the case of Otis, who made it known on his Instagram account that he had finished reading "Pet Sematary", his first book that he was able to read from start to finish. Otis brings with him dyslexia from elementary school, and WWE proposed that he be part of a class suitable for reading a year and a half ago.

Otis' victory

Otis described this challenge overcome on social media as follows: "I feel great and enthusiastic about finishing my first book from start to finish like never before. PET SEMATARY. About a year and a half ago @wwe approached me to join a Reading Class.

My family and friends know this, but I'm here on social to tell you guys I've always suffered from dyslexia reading since I was in elementary school. My pronunciation is fine, but I have always struggled to understand, I have felt embarrassed, but not much can be done except what we all do.

It is enough to commit little by little. When Kimberly Swedberg became my teacher she asked me what stories I like. Of course I said, “Anything Horror,” but I mentioned a movie that scared the shit out of me as a kid and still gets me, which is Stephen King's PET SEMATARY.

Kimmy said to me: "I'll see what I can do." I've heard for many years how much better books are than movies. I didn't believe it until now. The 2 characters that scared me in the story were Timmy Baterman and Zelda. After reading this book, they looked 10 times more evil and scary.

Merry. God! The story itself had, like, 5 great things that the movie didn't have that made me love and draw the characters even more. For me this story has always been so damn terrifying, depressing and emotional." The wrestler then thanked WWE, his teacher and then said: "Now let's go straight to the next ...

THE SHINING." Otis may be one of WWE’s most imposing superstars, but the 330-pounder still has everyday fears like the rest of the world. Speaking to “The Bridge News,” the 30-year-old admitted he is scared of ladders and anything that crawls.

“I hate ladders,” Otis said. “Ladders, spiders, get me the hell away from both those things. Anything that crawls, get me the hell out of here. I’m a tough guy but I’ll turn into a real scaredy cat when I see that kind of stuff”.