Matt Hardy: Vince McMahon asked me to throw up in a contest!

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Matt Hardy: Vince McMahon asked me to throw up in a contest!

The "Extreme Life of Matt Hardy" podcast brings us interesting topics, and this time Hardy talked about the eating contest in 2007. His opponent was Mvp, and it was obvious that he was not satisfied with the conditions that McMahon set.

“Vince [McMahon] explained what he wanted to happen. And originally, it was going to be hot dogs because apparently just recently there had been a hotdog eating competition. Something had triggered that and we’re going to do hot dogs and MVP said, ‘Man, I hate that sh*t.

I can’t eat that, man. It’s just disgusting. I won’t eat hotdogs.’ He said to make it something else. And then they ended up making it pizza. But they got us the deepest dish Chicago pizza possible, which is you know, it’s not a fork and knife kind of thing.

So that’s what they gave us. And they had a sh*t tonne out of it. And I was like, ‘Oh, holy sh*t.’ So we’re going over this. And Vince says, ‘So we’re having this eating competition, right? Why are you [MVP] allergic to these hotdogs or whatever? F*ck, what kind of man is allergic to a hotdog?’ He may or may not have said that.

But MVP said, ‘Man, I’m not eating that sh*t. I don’t like those.’ And he [Vince] said ‘Okay, well, fine. We’ll do pizza.’ And then they got that deep dish pizza, which was the worst.

I mean, because it’s so detrimental to everything we’re doing, especially if you’re trying to eat pizza fast. So yeah”. - he said, as quoted by

Vince McMahon's conditions

Vince McMahon went a step further and asked Hardy for something interesting.

“And Vince goes over to me and said, ‘So what I’m seeing here is you’re eating and you know, maybe MVP does kind of win this but you’re gonna win in the end because you ate this pizza so fast.

You’re gonna puke on him. People are gonna f*cking love it.’ I said, ‘Excuse me?’ [Vince said] ‘Yeah, you know, you’re downing these pizzas, and you’re tired [from] eating so fast. You’re resilient, you will not die.

You’re gonna beat him in this pizza contest, dammit. And you don’t, you don’t necessarily win. But you win in the big scheme of things because you puke on him, how degrading is that to have a man puke on you?’ He’s popping himself.

And yeah, we’re both very much taken aback by it. So then we’re sitting there and I said, Okay, let me get the prop guy. Vince said [to me], ‘Do you think you could make yourself throw up?’ And I said, ‘I don’t know.

But if I’m gonna do it, I really want to commit to it.’ And I said, ‘Let me talk to the prop guy.’ And I said, ‘Dude, I was looking it up online, and there’s some stuff that you can take, they can help you regurgitate.

So can you get this stuff for me and mix it up and do whatever?’ So we made this special little mix. MVP said, ‘You give this motherf*cker, he’s got this iron belly that can eat anything. You know, this motherf*cker is gonna eat anything, poison, and he’s fine.

And now he’s taking some sh*t that is gonna make him regurgitate, throw up on me?’”

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