Thunder Rosa on the recovery process

“I have spoken to other patients that have had similar injuries that I have at the place that I go to"

by Sead Dedovic
Thunder Rosa on the recovery process

In an interview with the Wrestling Perspective podcast, Thunder Rosa talked about various topics, one of which was her recovery process. That's what everyone is interested in. "This week, we made some good progress. I started running for the first time in almost 3 months.

So, the physical activity is getting a little bit bigger and I’m allowed to do a lot more stuff than before. I’m not allowed to lift yet, I’m not allowed to do a lot of stuff. I’m not allowed to wrestle.

But we’re making progress and the fact that I can actually jog for seven minutes on and off, for me, it’s huge because I have not been able to do that”. - she said, as quoted by


She consulted with others who had a similar problem.

However, everyone is different. “I have spoken to other patients that have had similar injuries that I have at the place that I go to. For a lot of us, you know, everybody’s different, it’s hit and miss when you’re talking about lower back injuries, always.

You have to be very careful because you can injure it again. You utilize your back for everything. So I’m really hopeful that things will continue to progress the way they are,” she said. “We’re taking our time, and we’re taking all the measures that I need to take to stay safe.

Like I said, I’m really thankful that I’m allowed to go and do signings still, but I have to, again, be very careful, because my back gets irritated really easily. I don’t want to get a huge setback that is gonna take me from doing the basic stuff, cleaning my house, you know, taking care of like walking my dog, and all that stuff.

Because you can really re-injure yourself. But I still don’t have like a set time yet, but again, I’m working really hard to get better, physically and mentally”. Rosa has shown that she is mentally strong, and we have no doubt that she will recover quickly.

“Because mentally, injuries can take a toll. I’m really happy that I can do that. I shared that with my family yesterday, and they’re all excited. The fact that I can do more physical activity to me is huge. Because when that is taken away from you, and you are forced to be sitting at home or to be chilling, I’m just cooking like a maniac.

It’s hard on any athlete, but I’m really excited that I know when I come back, I’m gonna come back a lot stronger in many aspects than then when I left before”.

Thunder Rosa