Ken Shamrock on the reasons why he left WWE

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Ken Shamrock on the reasons why he left WWE

Ken Shamrock spoke to Vlad TV about his decision to leave WWE. Although many were surprised by this, Shamrock had his reasons for it. In those moments, he did not have a clear role, and such a thing did not suit him. “I believe my last match was Jericho.

I believe, could be wrong, but I feel like that was the last one. I already felt like I was being clumped into groups, and that I was just kind of a side thing now. Like, whatever storyline was over here, we would just do. It didn’t make any sense.

It just didn’t feel like they knew what to do with me from that point. It just felt like I was just there”. - Shamrock said, as quoted by

Ken Shamrock

Shamrock loved being a part of such great company and was flattered to be there, but he just wasn't happy with the treatment he was getting.

Ken thought it was time to say goodbye. “I ended up falling in love with it. I did, I really liked it, but where we were at at that point in time, it just felt like they weren’t really using me at the level that I thought I should’ve been used just because of where I came from”.

In his podcast, Kurt Angle recently talked about why there was never a fight between him and Shamrock. “There was no way I was able to do it. I had no strength in my upper body. If you remember my thing with Daniel Puder, I couldn’t do three push-ups at that particular time.

Dan caught me in an armbar … I was in trouble, if he would have kept going, if he wouldn’t have pinned himself, I would have ended up breaking my arm,” he said. “I was losing circulation to my arms.

So my arms got weaker … and got smaller, and I couldn’t do anything, I couldn’t bench 135 pounds, I was weak, my upper body was so weak”.