Jim Ross on cancer recovery: I’m still dealing with this frigging wound

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Jim Ross on cancer recovery: I’m still dealing with this frigging wound

Jim Ross talked about his recovery process from cancer. Things are still not resolved, considering that Ross has problems with his wound. In addition, the state in which you cannot predict what will happen to you has a great impact.

“I’m still dealing with this frigging wound. These wound care people are serious. I went to my first appointment and I thought it was gonna be about 30 minutes. It was three hours. Here’s what happens there mentally.

You have three hours to contemplate your fate. What if they find cancer back? What if? What if? What if? So it’s very unsettling to say the least. Then you get the news. ‘Well, it’s probably gonna take six more months of healing.’”- he said, as quoted by pwmania.com

Hyperbaric chamber

Hyperbaric chamber is another option, but Ross doesn't want such things considering his daily activities and obligations.

“They want me to do the hyperbaric chamber, but here’s the problem with that. They want to do it every day. I said, ‘I can’t do it every day. I just can’t. I work. I have a job. I made commitments professionally that I’m gonna maintain and keep.’ It’s not a matter of putting my job before my health.

It sounds like it. Now if I wasn’t working, I would go along with their plan. But still, it’s four months of hyperbaric chamber stuff. So he’s going to try to treat it without using the hyperbaric chamber or whatever it’s called and we’ll see how it goes.

I have an issue here. I didn’t plan on it. I have an issue here that we just got to address. I told the doctor, ‘We have to be creative doc. We can’t just get in the rut of this how you do this. There’s got to be other options. He said, ‘Well, there are some other options.’ Let’s explore them”.