Latest news on Big E's injury

Last March, the wrestling world shook at images of Big E's tremendous injury

by Simone Brugnoli
Latest news on Big E's injury

Last March, the wrestling world shook at images of Big E's tremendous injury. During one of SmackDown's many weekly episodes, the New Day member was joining forces with his friend Kofi Kingston to take on Sheamus and Ridge.

Holland. A sequence with the latter resulted in the former WWE Champion fracturing his C1 and C6 vertebrae. Big E has been out for over seven months and there is no official news regarding his return to the ring. According to rumors, Big E is recovering well and could participate in the Royal Rumble 2023.

Even though he's still too early to say no, 'The Powerhouse of Positivity' is well on his way to getting back to the job he loves. During a recent interview with 'Ten Count', Kofi Kingston provided an important update on the condition of his great friend.

Kofi Kingston opens up on Big E

"I want to reassure all those who are worried: Big E is getting better and better" - began Kofi. “His healing path is going well and he has started exercising. He is in a great mood and we can't wait to hug him again" - added Kingston.

During his WWE career, Big E has once held the WWE Championship, once the NXT Championship, twice the Intercontinental title, twice the Raw Tag Team Championship and six times the SmackDown Tag Team Championship. In a recent interview, Big E revealed what he has done in recent months: “I had never been a scout and he was absolutely not in my plans.

I've always seen myself as the eternally young superstar, but his neck injury changed everything. I enjoyed working behind the scenes and discussing the potential of young athletes with others. Am I still salaried? Yes, I get paid regularly.

WWE also sent me a bone stimulator to accelerate the growth of my bone. Doctors are always available when I need something, they have done an exceptional job." After a momentous Monday night, WWE Champion Big E was contacted by WWE Hall of Famer Edge.

"Edge texted me and, I don't wanna butcher the text, but it was something about just like the fact that it took so long, makes it so much sweeter," said Big E. "And he's right. Sure, it could have been cool to have this championship 6-7 years ago but to have felt that, I'm at a point now where I earned it and I put the work in and it doesn't feel handed to me. [It] makes the journey sweeter as cliche as it sounds. It's enjoyable because it feels like a long time coming."

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