Lio Rush reveals his biggest regret


Lio Rush reveals his biggest regret

In June of last year, we brought you the speech of Lio Rush, with which the former WWE athlete, who had just been spotted in the AEW rings, in the Double or Nothing Casino Battle Royal, had communicated to fans and employees to work as he would retire from the pro-wrestling world, after suffering a bad shoulder injury during his match in the All Elite rings.

After not being able to hold his son in his arms and after long hours of reasoning, the athlete preferred to make the painful decision to leave the struggled pro-wrestling, thinking first of all of himself and his family and then of work.

All this also triggered some very negative comments, even among some former WWE colleague, with Greg Hamilton, WWE announcer who had indulged in some grumpy comments, which were deleted from social networks after only a few minutes.

Apparently, however, after a few months, Lio Rush would have thought about it and would return to fight in various independent federations, returning to appear even in a large federation like ROH, before its closure and acquisition by Tony Khan.

Lio Rush on his WWE experience

Following his recent release from WWE, Lio Rush sparked a frenzy on Twitter when he hinted that he may never wrestle again. In his latest interview on the Say Less Podcast, Bobby Lashley's former manager wanted to talk about his WWE stint, saying: "In the beginning, I just went with the flow.

I went to do what everyone expected me to do and I also had a lot of fun. I have had several opportunities, but I have not taken advantage of them. I had to work for whatever I got. But I'm sure I felt I earned that place in my class, right? And when the release came, everything collapsed on me and for a moment I was lost, I didn't know what to do.

It took me a while to understand and realize, that, man, maybe I was too young for anything they gave me. But at the same time, I don't regret anything about that period. I wasn't hoping for anything different than what went on stage ...

now I feel that everything has prepared me even more for what awaited me after the release. I knew that this album was coming out, I knew I was going to continue to pursue music so, in that sense, I'm thinking, 'Man, I'm doing so much with music, this is a passion of mine, I just might not step into the ring again.' "

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