Ric Flair opens up on Charlotte Flair


Ric Flair opens up on Charlotte Flair

One of WWE's greatest women of the past 30 years has undoubtedly been former Smackdown Women's Champion, Charlotte Flair, daughter of two-time WWE Hall of Famer: Ric Flair. Since the athlete debuted in the NXT rings, Charlotte has done nothing but grow professionally, leading her character to have an ever greater star power, becoming one of the most awarded women of all time, almost reaching the record of kingdoms world championships of his father, now just around the corner.

Many, over the years, both as regards the fans of the WWE Universe, both as regards the insiders, have raged against Charlotte, and because according to many she would be one of the greatest "recommended" in the recent history of the WWE, and because according to some, WWE would make her win too much, even when she doesn't deserve it.

In all this, however, Charlotte continues to give great performances, both during the weekly tapings, and as regards the biggest ppv of the company, such as Wrestlemania, the Royal Rumble or the Survivor Series, silencing all her detractors.

At one point, the girl also worked alongside her father, right in the federation rings, with such a storyline that it ended when Charlotte badly kicked Ric out of the federation.

Ric Flair talks about Charlotte Flair

In the latest episode of his personal To Be The Man podcast, personal podcast of the two-time WWE Hall of Famer, Ric Flair wanted to reveal how his daughter does not let him know anything about his plans in the WWE rings for fear that he might reveal them.

to third parties. Regarding this topic, Ric said in fact: "To be really honest, I have no idea. She keeps everything to her. I know she's talking to the company right now, but I don't know any more than that. If I did, I still couldn't tell you.

She doesn't trust me and doesn't tell me anything because I can't keep my mouth shut. I think he's in the best shape of her life. I think it's a decision on both sides between her and the company about her when she comes back." Charlotte Flair is expected to make a comeback to WWE very soon, but it may not necessarily be to SmackDown.

"I think her [Bayley's] next angle, her next opponent, going forward, will be Charlotte Flair. And if they hadn't beaten the hell out of Lacey Evans like that, she would have been a great one to step up. If they wanted to get her over for Charlotte, a little more."

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