Cody Rhodes teases fans


Cody Rhodes teases fans

In the last months of WWE, one of the feuds that held the most bench on Monday Night Raw was certainly the one that saw Seth Rollins and the returning Cody Rhodes compete on several occasions. After a sensational return in Wrestlemania 38, with Cody having thus made the transition backwards, from the AEW of the Khan family to the WWE of the McMahon family, there was a long feud between the two athletes that culminated in the Hell in a Cell match of the homonymous ppv.

In that of HIAC, however, Cody Rhodes showed up with a very conspicuous injury to the bib, which did not prevent him from fighting against his opponent, with WWE fans who had never seen anything like it, in many years of history.

of the company. For years, Seth Rollins has had the reputation of being a wrestler who did not think so much about safeguarding his opponents, as some colleague had come out injured from some of the matches he had with the former Shield Architect, such as John Cena, Sting or other important names.

With this injury, Cody has thus left the WWE momentarily, to devote himself to his recovery and for now he has not yet returned to the McMahon rings, although in recent weeks there has been a lot of talk about him, among those who say that his injury is not yet completely back on the right tracks of rehabilitation and who says that instead soon could be ready to return.

New details on Cody Rhodes

In the last few hours, to ignite the web about his possible return, Cody Rhodes himself thought of it, with the son of the late American Dream who posted a photo of his ring gear ready to be worn among his Instagram stories, a sign that he could soon play the role of American Nightmare in the WWE rings.

But let's see what this photo is inserted between the stories of the well-known social network with a screen, because obviously after 24 hours it deletes itself: Many within the WWE Universe and among the insiders are sure that Cody Rhodes will reappear in WWE in the company's rings, right in the 2023 edition of the Royal Rumble, as one of the many surprise entries of the event and also with great chances of winning the match.

Former WWE Superstar Rene Dupree recalled how Cody Rhodes was entitled when the two met for the first time. "I remember Cody Rhodes one time spotted off like yeah second generation guys don't get along and I'm thinking what the f**k do you know about that.

My days with Cody were different with other people because when I first met him like, entitled? like a hundred and f**king percent right... He got hired, no experience, no nothing, he was 21, he was trying to be an actor in Hollywood."

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