Rey Mysterio is having trouble with an injury

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Rey Mysterio is having trouble with an injury

Rey Mysterio has made WWE history and pro-wrestling in general across the globe, as well as establishing himself as an icon of sports entertainment. The 47-year-old from Chula Vista is a three-time world champion, having won the WWE Championship once and the heavyweight title twice, the famous "Big Gold", the World Heavyweight Championship.

He has also won the Intercontinental Championship twice, the United States Championship twice, the Lightweight title three times, the WWE Tag Team Championship four times and the SmackDown Tag Team Championship once alongside his son Dominik, setting a record never done in WWE, that is, winning a couple title with a real son.

As if that weren't enough, Rey was the 14th wrestler in the company's history to have completed the Grand Slam. Mysterio is experiencing a sort of second youth, started first alongside his son Dominik and then also in single, after the boy betrayed him, allying himself with Judgment Day, forcing his father to move to Smackdown in recent weeks, with an agreement had together with Triple H.

Latest update on Rey Mysterio

According to what was reported in the last hours by the well-known journalist Steve Carrier of the Ringside News site, Rey Mysterio would have been spotted in the backstage of the last episode of Friday Night Smackdown, without his combat boots, a sign that some small problem could have caught him by surprise at physical level and therefore unable to fight.

In his latest update, the reporter said: "Rey Mysterio was backstage and was wearing normal shoes. So he has a short-term injury." At the moment we have no further information regarding what happened to Rey Mysterio, but it seems that anyway in one of his last matches against the Imperium o in a training session, Rey may have encountered a small injury that will keep him out of the picture for a few weeks.

Rey's last big match at Smackdown was the one valid for the Intercontinental title against Gunther, from which the Mexican-born athlete obviously defeated. In case of further updates, we will bring them to you as always on our daily WorldWrestling newsboard.

Rey Mysterio secured one of his most memorable WWE victories in 2009 when he defeated John Bradshaw Layfield (JBL) at WrestleMania 25. "Everything that he [Vader] had that he could give me, he did that day," Layfield said. "That's why when my back got bad and I had to retire, that I chose you [Mysterio], and I said, 'This is my last match, and whatever JBL has, you're gonna get what I got,' which ain't a lot at that point."