Shawn Michaels has made peace with an old enemy

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Shawn Michaels has made peace with an old enemy

One of the historical moments par excellence of the entire history of WWF / E is certainly that linked to the 1997 edition of the ppv Survivor Series of the McMahon company, where the well-known and very famous Screwjob of Montreal was staged, where Bret Hart was stripped of the WWF world champion title, despite the fact that he had never lost his match against Shawn Michaels, not giving in to a Sharpshooter.

This sudden change of plans, which forever changed the relationship between the Canadian and Vince McMahon, served WWE to ensure that The Hitman did not bring the most important WWF title with him in WCW, after the athlete had already signed a agreement with the Turner family to step into the rings of the second most important company in America, which Madusa did instead, trashing the women's belt live on TV.

For many, this was the start of WWF's Attitude Era, which led the McMahon company to win the famous Monday night ratings war against WCW Monday Nitro, WWF's main rating opponent at the time.

Shawn Michaels reflects on Bret Hart

In his latest interview with The MMA Hour, WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels, as well as Triple H's right-hand man in the management of NXT, wanted to talk again about the famous Montreal Screwjob, saying about his relationship with Bret Hart: "When all was said and done, it was difficult for both of us.

It was like an out-of-body experience. I no longer have anything in common with the person I was ... Bret and I always talk about it - there was a real friendship between us before. There really was. And having damaged it ... and repairing it after so many years ...

we never thought we would. I've always appreciated it ... he always looked at me and said 'We're okay. We're okay, Shawn 'And he always meant a lot to me, because I knew he was genuine. Bret doesn't say things just to say them. You can't spend the rest of your life in peace without knowing you've solved such a thing.

Although Hart may still hold a grudge at times, it's nice to see enemies of the past managed to bury the hatchet." WWE legend Jim Cornette has responded to the recent comparisons between Shawn Michaels and United States Champion Seth Rollins.

"I think he (Kurt Angle) is making the comparison because they resemble each other, in terms of, they were in the guy in WWE at their individual times that was long, lean, and athletic," said Cornette. "I don't know that you can compare Seth with Shawn Michaels in terms of, you know, drawing ability and box office."