Ric Flair's shocking confession

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Ric Flair's shocking confession

Following this plane trip that became famous for the most wrong reasons in this world, they all vented by telling what happened and recently it was also addressed in the documentary series "Dark Side Of the Ring", where some of the protagonists they wanted to tell their point of view on the matter.

One of these people is a stewardess who during that flight would have been s*xually harassed by Ric Flair several times. After these allegations, the Nature Boy obviously defended himself by proclaiming his innocence, but still remained in a stalemate when some partnerships turned away from him and WWE took his 'wooooo' off the show's opening theme, putting it back.

then some time later.

Ric Flair is a wrestling legend

Speaking on his To Be The Man podcast, Ric Flair addressed the situation, saying that all the things that were said about him in that documentary are "bitchy" and that in the next WWE documentary, he will explain everything.

how much by clarifying the situation. "I have no idea [why I was cut from the theme]. [...] One of the hardest things I've ever gone through in my life personally, aside from health problems, is having 85,000 people tell me in two minutes that they don't.

I was in the opening of Raw or SmackDown, which is when the bitches on the Plane Ride From Hell came up, which is all a bitch. This is fully explained in my new documentary, I mean, thoroughly. So to answer your question. If they had left me out [of the intro], I wouldn't mind.

Because I've had my time. It's not my time anymore. But it's something that means a lot to me personally, just as it means a lot to the rest of the people around. Just ask them because they would tell you exactly that if they were honest with you." Ric Flair discussed where he thinks NWA's Nick Aldis will end up after things recently went sour between him and the promotion.

"He’s not only a great kid but he’s a great performer. He carries himself like a champion, he dresses great, [how] he conducts himself – he’s perfect. And why he’s not with the WWE? I don’t know.

Whichever one gets him – it will be AEW or WWE – whichever one gets him will be very lucky. He brings a lot of professionalism with him wherever he goes," Flair said. It remains to be seen where the star will end up, but the bridge back to the NWA seems to be thoroughly burnt.