Ken Shamrock explains why he left WWE

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Ken Shamrock explains why he left WWE

Ken Shamrock's career in WWE wasn't exactly one of the longest in the company's history. The fighter made his debut during an episode of Raw on February 24, 1997 and only after just one year, in 1998 he left Stamford. "The World's Most Dangerous Man", however, had the opportunity to show off several times in the ring, and at WrestleMania 13 he also served as a special referee in the match between Stone Cold Steve Austin and Bret Hart.

He also had a feud with The Rock and became King of the Ring in 1998. Not bad for an athlete who only played in the rings of the then WWF one year, given the current times. Throughout his career, Ken Shamrcok has also fought in other companies, such as TNA or in the world of MMA, where he has set several personal records of victories in a row.

Despite having remained in the WWE rings for a very short time, in the collective imagination, Shamrock remains one of the most beloved athletes of the WWE Attitude Era, in the mid-carding of the federation, at a time when the Stamford federation had the its roster full of great superstars, such as Kurt Angle, The Rock, The Undertaker, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Triple H and many others.

Ken Shamrock reveals why he left WWE

Former Intercontinental Champion Ken Shamrock recently opened up about why he left WWE. In his latest interview with Vlad TV, the well-known former WWE wrestler wanted to talk about why he chose to say goodbye to WWE, talking about the storylines and how much they didn't make sense, saying: "I think my last match was Jericho.

I think, I could be wrong, but I feel like that was my last. I already felt that I had left the group and had been sidelined at that moment. But the storylines that were there, we just had to do them. They didn't make any sense.

I was sure they wouldn't know what to make me do with me from then on. I felt I was only there because I had already signed a contract, so I was there just to." In his latest interviews, the TNA Hall of Famer has said loudly that he also deserves to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, a recognition that has not yet come from Stamford to date; who knows if his name will not appear in the next induction classes?