Does Chelsea Green want to return to WWE?

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Does Chelsea Green want to return to WWE?

Last night the usual episode of IMPACT Wrestling went on the air that we also told you in our weekly review edited by Aldo Fiadone of Pro Wrestling Culture, and during the evening there was a match between Chelsea Green and Mickie James, who is part of the famous "The Last Rodeo" of the legend.

For the uninitiated, "The Last Rodeo" is a path that Mickie James is facing at IMPACT where about every week he challenges a different opponent and if he continues to win, then he goes on aiming for the Knockouts title, otherwise if he were to lose even just a match, retirement would come for her.

This match was won by Mickie James who can continue to go on with Scott D'Amore's company, the problem is that Chelsea Green has lost and consequently has thrown herself down a lot, threatening to leave IMPACT once per all.

Latest news on Chelsea Green

After the defeat, Matt Cardona's wife packed her suitcase and was leaving the place where they filmed IMPACT, but was stopped by her best friend Deonna Purrazzo, with whom she formed the VXT team and won and lost the couple titles only a few weeks ago.

Once she stopped she told her: “I should have beaten her. I should have had Mickie James retired, Deonna. I'm leaving." Then the former Knockouts champion told her: “It's okay, it's okay. But where? Where are you going?" Chelsea Green replied, "I'm going to the Deonna house," and when asked why, she again repeated, "I'm going home," walking away from her.

Obviously, after these words, everyone thought she could return to WWE since she lately turned this rumor that has become more and more insistent, even if she has denied it all. We'll see. One note was on the potential of VXT - a faction made up of Green, Purrazzo, and Rachael Evers.

Green would state that VXT was Rachael Evers' idea. "It was just a short version of the word ‘vexed' - which Rachael Ellering came up with. She saw it and pitched it to Deonna and myself, for the three of us to be a strong, badass, Charlie’s Angels-type of group.

We truly wanted to be the Undisputed Era of the girls." While Evers got hurt just after wheels were put in motion, there had been rumours of a tag team between Purrazzo and Green using the name. "One-hundred percent, and especially in WWE.

That was such a crazy opportunity that we could have taken and run with, especially because the tag titles came out and then they were saying that NXT, or that the tag titles would be defended on every brand. I just felt like it was money."