Paul Heyman on criticism of Logan Paul

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Paul Heyman on criticism of Logan Paul

Paul Heyman spoke to Corey Graves on After The Bell about the match between Logan Paul and The Miz. Heyman is satisfied with what Paul has prepared. “Look at his match with The Miz. He came to play. This wasn’t just a matter of someone saying okay, what can I get away with doing? This was someone who wanted to put on a show.

This is someone who wanted his match judged against all other matches on the show, and the show was SummerSlam; it was a pretty damn big event. And he was competitive, competitive with everyone else on the show trying to have the best match of the night, trying to entertain the audience more than any other of the featured attractions."- he said, as quoted by

Logan Paul

Paul showed his readiness, showed that he can wrestle with anyone.

"It says a lot. It’s not someone who’s going ‘Okay, okay just tell me what I need to know and hopefully I won’t, I’ll try not to screw it up.’ This was someone who came to compete with it with everybody else on the roster.

That’s really impressive, that’s someone who wants it. That’s someone who takes this seriously. That’s the one who can go to WWE and say if I hit that one lucky punch, if I become the champion, you got me 365 days a year to promote this thing.

Because I’ll be someone that will not be [an embarrassment]. He won’t, he wouldn’t be a David Arquette with the title. He wouldn’t be, it wouldn’t be a disgrace. He takes it very seriously. Now, whether this is the end of Roman’s reign or not, that’s another story.

But if by quirk of fate an act of God and disguise have a malice towards the tribal chief and Logan Paul becomes the undisputed champion, he wouldn’t be an unworthy champion”.