Tommaso Ciampa out of WWE until 2023

Tommaso Ciampa has been one of the cornerstones of NXT since its debut in 2015

by Simone Brugnoli
Tommaso Ciampa out of WWE until 2023

During a very particular segment during the episode of October 24, 2022 of Monday Night Raw, we learned that one of the wrestlers on the roster right now is not present from week to week in the programming due to an injury.

During the segment The Miz tried to justify Tommaso Ciampa's absence by stating that according to him he stayed at home because of Dexter Lumis, who as we know by now has been tormenting the Magnificent and all those around him for some time, but Johnny Gargano denied everything live by saying that he heard him by text, confirming that he was injured, since the two as we know are great friends.

For those who frequent social media, this was actually already known, since Ciampa had made a post on Instagram with a video of one of his many workouts, writing precisely that he had problems in the hips and pelvis area.

In the end, the wrestler underwent surgery and everything went well and is now undergoing regular rehabilitation to get back in better shape than ever: “The road to recovery has begun. It's a familiar road. Almost too familiar.

Special thanks to Dr. Emblom and his team for taking such incredible care of me. Thanks to the WWE medical team for bringing me back together once again," these are his words.

Latest news on Tommaso Ciampa

During one of their articles that summarizes a bit the most popular questions that are asked from day to day, our colleagues at PWInsider stated that, according to some of their sources, Tommaso Ciampa should not be back before 2023, so for the month and half that remains in this 2022, the wrestler will stay at home.

There is obviously no precise date when entering 2023, so it is not even known if the former NXT champion will be able to participate in the Royal Rumble or not, but we will certainly keep you updated here on our site and also on our social Facebook and Instagram that as always, we invite you to follow to have all the news just a click away.

Having said that, we wish Ciampa a speedy recovery hoping to see him again as soon as possible. “So much,” Ciampa said. “I get asked this all the time. Having a successful neck surgery, huge factor. Going into that and having the pain I had for as long as I had, I always felt like, your career’s ending soon.

Now I don’t feel that way. Now I feel like, ‘Oh, you might have just finished the first half of your career.’ Because I’ve learned how to wrestle with it, and I’m not in pain."

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