What's next for Karl Anderson?


What's next for Karl Anderson?
What's next for Karl Anderson?

The NJPW previously announced that Karl Anderson would defend the NEVER Openweight Championship at the Battle Autumn Event on November 5th. However, plans changed when Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows returned to WWE in the October 10 episode of Monday Night Raw, after which, they were later booked for a six-man tag team match at WWE Crown Jewel, which took place.

held that very day. Between the two sides then, there had been several back and forth regarding this thing, with the NJPW first threatening the wrestler by saying that they would take his belt off if he didn't show up, then in reality they simply took him off.

event announcing, “Despite the NJPW's great efforts to negotiate with Karl Anderson regarding his Osaka match at Battle Autumn on November 5th, NJPW officials have not yet received any response, and they have been left with no option but to to cancel the planned match for the NEVER Openweight Championship."

Update on Karl Anderson

Former Universal Champion Finn Balor defeated his former friend and stablemate Karl Anderson in a match after interference from The Judgment Day.

On WWE After The Bell, Anderson explained things from his point of view, saying, “I'll be back with my times. New Japan Pro Wrestling usually takes their champions off their belts when they can't do a show. They were lenient because they announced the match when we didn't completely agree on what we were going to do.

The dates were coming up ... I'll come back and defend my title. I texted Rocky Romero, he's a great friend and said, 'I can't wait to announce this date because these people really hate me right now.' I'm going to keep this title and will never give it back." So for now the NJPW has decided to still keep Karl Anderson among its champions despite the wrestler is now under contract with the WWE and is appearing regularly on the shows of the Stamford federation along with the rest of the O.C.

Collaboration in sight between the two federations? Taking to his Twitter, Karl Anderson referenced the recent rebranding of NXT, bringing up the Wednesday Night Wars between them and AEW Dynamite. He went on to claim that WWE gave up on it quickly.

"What happened to The Wednesday wars. F**k they gave up quick," wrote Karl Anderson in his tweet. "NXT was putting out s**t product constantly, this is on them and Hunter," tweeted Karl Anderson.

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