Dana White on Lesnar Vs. Cormier Possibility

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Dana White on Lesnar Vs. Cormier Possibility

Brock Lesnar is a former UFC Heavyweight Champion. His MMA career is full of noteworthy wins against high level opponents. He is the most successful MMA star to come out of the WWE locker room. Brock Lesnar entered WrestleMania 35 as the WWE Universal Champion, but lost the title to Seth Rollins.

Many people wanted to see Rollins win. Lesnar is off WWE TV shows for now and according to a few reports, he will resume his MMA career. He wishes to fight Daniel Cormier according to the reports for his UFC Heavyweight Title.

Dana White was at the UFC’s seasonal press conference in Atlanta where he spoke to Yahoo Sports. He stated that the Lesnar vs. Cormier fight is not even in the works. "Seriously, that fight isn't even in the works.

That might not even happen first (for Cormier)," White said. "That's what Cormier said too." "Nothing happened, we haven't even talked to Brock," said White. "I don't know if he'll fight again, but we don't have a date for him right now.

First fight (for Cormier) might be Stipe. Nothing happened (with Lesnar). That was what we wanted to do, but Brock and I haven't even talked. Like I've said many times, when Brock Lesnar is ready, he'll call me."

He also mentioned that Cormier is not 100% healthy. "We've gotta wait for Cormier," White said. "Cormier went back in the gym I think two weeks ago and did a light workout. He's still not healthy. So as soon as he's healthy to fight, we can make a decision on when we can do him and if it's Stipe."